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3 Range Stove Repairs You Might Need If Your Appliance Isn't Working Properly

Are you experiencing some trouble with your range stove? You might assume you need to get rid of the appliance and get a new one, but this isn't always true. Rather than jumping to replace your range, you should have it checked out by an appliance repair specialist who can determine the specific issues preventing your appliance from working. Some repairs are more common than others, and there's a fair chance you would need to complete one of these simple repairs to get your range running again. 

1. One or More Burners Aren't Igniting

Most ranges will have a minimum of four burners. If one or more of those burners aren't igniting, you're probably wondering what is causing this to happen. Although you could use the other burners, having one that isn't working is inconvenient, so finding out why this is happening should be on your to-do list. Sometimes, the burners won't ignite because they're clogged, which can occur when a buildup of grease and food particles accumulate. Using a cleaning brush is one way to remove debris. However, if you're not sure if this is the cause of the burners not igniting, have a professional look at them to identify the root cause.

2. None of Your Burners Will Turn On When You Need Them

If none of the burners work, you likely have a problem with the igniter. When attempting to put the burner on to ignite it, you may hear a constant clicking sound, but no flames come out. When this happens, you don't want to keep attempting to turn the burners on because that could cause more gas to be released into the air. The safest solution is to have a repair specialist check the igniter for signs of damage that could prevent your burners from turning on. If there is damage to it, you would need to replace the component with a new igniter.

3. You Can't Get the Oven to Work

If you're not having trouble with the burners, you might be experiencing a problem with the oven, where it won't turn on or heat your food as it should. A damaged igniter in your range could be the cause of this problem. If not, it may be a thermostat-related issue that requires simple repairs.

Repairs may be imminent when your range stove isn't working right, whether you're having trouble with the burners or the oven. Hire a specialist to inspect your appliance, determine why it's not running correctly, and review the repairs you might need.

Reach out to a company that offers range stove repairs to learn more.