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Three Common Dryer Defects That Necessitate Repairs

An electric dryer is a common appliance in many homes. This equipment can last for many years, but there are prone to damage. The number of issues you will face with your dryer, and its longevity depends on how you maintain it. However, it is normal to face multiple dryer defects, which may arise if you use your dryer regularly. Some homeowners implement multiple DYI solutions if their dryer is damaged, which can be dangerous since you are not an expert. The best solution is to hire a dryer repair contractor to help you fix the arising issues. Here are common problems that require immediate dryer repairs

Dryer Isn't Turning On 

You should be alarmed if your dryer won't turn on. The most immediate solution is to check your cable connection. You may have misconnected the dryer, meaning it is not receiving adequate power. If you connect the dryer correctly and it is still not turning on, hire a dryer repair expert to inspect your machine. In such as situation, your dryer may have a circuit breaker problem. You may also face a power cord issue if your dryer is not working. Hiring an expert is imperative when you face such issues because you may worsen the situation if you apply various DYI repairs. 

Excessive Noises From the Dryer 

A dryer has many moving parts that work together to ensure everything works efficiently. You should hire a dryer repair expert if you hear excessive noises from the dryer when using it. Your dryer may be making these noises because the glides are broken. These glides may wear and tear if used over time, causing these noises. Another possible reason is that the blower wheel may have a problem, thus causing these dryer noises. Hire an experienced dryer repair expert with the skill set to identify the origin of these noises.

Clothes Are Still Wet 

The primary role of a dryer is to eradicate moisture from clothes. It implies something is wrong with your dryer if your clothes are still wet after removing them from the machine. One possible reason for this is that your dryer may lack sufficient heat. This problem stems from having a faulty thermal fuse. The fuse prevents your dryer from overheating, but if it is faulty, it will prevent your dryer from producing heating. Hire a dryer repair contractor to check the issue and avoid permanent damage. These contractors will also give you tips on maintaining your dryer to prevent such issues in the future.