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3 Common Types Of Fire Sprinkler Systems Used in Businesses

If you are a commercial property owner, an intact fire sprinkler system is an important part of keeping your business safe. Even if you already have a fire sprinkler system installed, you need to ensure that it is serviced. Some business owners get comfortable with not having any fire-related emergencies. They fail to realize that there are numerous issues that could occur unexpectedly. For example, a restaurant owner might experience a grease fire; or, a business with outdated wiring might experience an electrical fire, or a disgruntled employee might intentionally set a fire. The following points will help you understand the various fire system options that are available to you.

Deluge Systems

These systems are ideal for businesses that deal with substances such as paint, oil, combustible materials, or chemicals. Foam and dry chemicals may be released to put out these types of fires. They are often used in manufacturing companies due to their effectiveness. The use of water is not always ideal for many industries because it could make a fire worse. For example, water and certain chemicals do not mix well. Therefore, using water in a deluge system is not generally ideal. These systems may have backup systems supporting them that engage the fire sprinkler systems when smoke or other issues are detected. Contact a company like Allied  Fire & Safety Equipment Co Inc for more information on deluge systems.

Wet Pipe Systems

These systems release water, which is ideal for certain businesses. This is commonly the type of system individuals think of when fire sprinkler systems engage. As the name suggests, these systems release water through pipes to put out fires. They are a good option if they are good a match for your business because they are low-maintenance and could save your business capital.

Dry Pipe Systems

These systems use pressurized air to put out fires. You can visualize them putting out fires in the same way that individuals can blow out candles. Water sprinkles after the initial pressurized air is released. Dry pipe systems are ideal if you have a business that does not utilize heat during the winter months. 

A sprinkler installation professional is a good resource to use to determine the best type of sprinkler system for your business. These professionals can also inspect current fire sprinklers and determine if they are in working order. There are numerous commercial properties that have outdated fire sprinkler systems. That means that they can determine whether a fire sprinkler system upgrade is needed too.