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How To Buy A Good Used Refrigerator

A refrigerator is one appliance you can't do without, especially if you have a family. You need to have food available for preparing meals and keeping drinks cold. If your refrigerator dies and you don't have room in your budget for the new refrigerator of your dreams, you can buy a used model instead. You can find some fantastic deals on good refrigerators that will last for a few years so you can save up for that smart model you have your eye on. Here are some tips for buying a used refrigerator.

Check How Well It Cools

You probably don't want to risk buying a refrigerator you can't inspect plugged in unless you buy it from a store that offers a good return policy. You want to make sure the temperature of the freezer and refrigerator are cool enough to store food properly. A private seller may be getting rid of the unit because it no longer chills very well. Temperatures for the refrigerator should be 40 degrees Fahrenheit or lower and the freezer should be 0 degrees or lower. Check the temperatures with a thermometer to make sure the appliance is in good enough condition to buy.

Look For Signs Of Wear And Tear

Ideally, you'll be able to buy an appliance that was cared for properly. Check for rust on the refrigerator as well as grime on the coils in the back. Rust might indicate a drip pan that was not emptied regularly and grime could indicate the refrigerator wasn't cleaned on schedule which might have caused undue strain. Also, check the condition of the racks and drawers. They should slide easily and not be broken or they may not hold heavy items like gallons of milk. Odors can also be a problem with old refrigerators, so be sure to smell the inside for a hint of an odor. If the doors are propped open or if the refrigerator is running, the odor may not be as strong as it will be once the appliance is closed and turned off.

Test The Door Seal

One important part of a refrigerator is the seal around the door. If it is worn, chilled air may escape the door and cause the appliance to work hard to maintain the proper temperature inside. Visually inspect the seal to make sure it is intact. You can also close the door on a sheet of paper and then pull the paper out. The door should grip the paper. If you can pull it out easily, the seal may need to be replaced.

You can save quite a bit of money when you buy a used refrigerator over a new one. If you buy a newer model, you can get one with handy features and one that is in good enough shape to last for years. Just be sure to take measurements of the space along with you so the appliance you buy will not be too large to fit once you get it home. Contact a company, like Preferred Appliance, for more help.