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Microwave Repair Tips

A microwave is an essential appliance in most households, and perhaps the best way to ensure you won't have to wait for hours for your frozen chicken to thaw. However, as it is with most regularly used appliances, you can expect to experience a few issues when you need to use your microwave.

A microwave can be affected by a wide range of issues, some more serious than others, but many of these problems can usually be fixed. However, when you're dealing with a microwave, it's important to approach repairs with the right mindset.

Unplug the Microwave

Safety must always come first when you're working on electrical appliances. One of the most dangerous things you can do is to try and diagnose a problem or repair your microwave without first turning off the power. 

If you're not sure about what you're doing, you may touch the wrong thing and get electrocuted. Additionally, problems such as a naked wire touching the body of the microwave are also possible. 

Ensure the Capacitor is Discharged

An unplugged microwave is still not safe thanks to the high voltage capacitor found inside. These capacitors can hold on to power for months after a microwave has been unplugged. Due to the high voltage of these capacitors, an accidental discharge can easily kill you if you touch the wrong thing. A significant number of people have already died because of this. 

Therefore, ensure that the capacitor is properly discharged before attempting to do any work on the microwave.

Rule Out the Obvious 

Before you rush to call an electrician, you may want to rule out the obvious reasons why your microwave isn't working as expected. If, for example, your microwave won't turn on, ensure that a burnt out fuse isn't to blame. This is something you should be able to replace with minimal fuss. The issue may not even be with the microwave, so you may want to try a different electrical outlet.

Leave the Job to an Expert 

There are many electrical appliances that make a good DIY project for a homeowner who would like to start performing certain repairs on their own. A microwave is not one of these appliances. 

As pointed out above, working on a microwave, even when unplugged, is still very dangerous. Even professionals have died while repairing microwave ovens because normally insulated tools may not offer enough protection. Call a microwave repair technician if your microwave has an issue that requires you to open the back.