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Frequently Asked Questions About Rust and Your Washing Machine

If you begin to notice small red, orange or brown spots on your clothes or towels after you wash them, you may have rust in your washing machine. This is more common with older, top-loading machines than newer or front-loading machines, but it can happen with any type of machine. If you have never encountered this problem before, you may have many questions about it. Here are a few frequently asked questions about rust and your washing machine. 

What Causes a Washing Machine to Rust?

The parts in your washing machine are made of metal. The majority of those parts are coated with paint, sealer or are powder coated to prevent water from coming into direct contact with the metal and causing rust to form. Those that are not painted, sealed or powder coated are often hidden under plastic or rubber parts. Unfortunately, as your washing machine is used, the paint, sealer or powder coating can get scratched or wear away. The plastic or rubber parts can also crack or chip. When either of these problems arises, water sits directly on the metal parts in your washing machine, allowing rust to form. 

What Should Be Done if Rust is Present?

If you notice rust spots on your clothes or you can actually see the rust forming in your washing machine, turn your washing machine to the hottest wash cycle, add two cups of lemon juice and allow the machine to cycle. The lemon juice can remove minor patches of rust from your washing machine. Alternatively, if you can see the rust spots in the machine, you can dip a soft scrubbing brush in a mixture of equal parts vinegar and hot water to scrub the rust away. Run a wash cycle to remove rust flakes before running a load with your clothes. 

Can a Rusty Washing Machine Be Repaired? 

If running a wash cycle with lemon juice or hand-cleaning the machine does not remove the rust, you will want to call in an appliance repair company. An appliance repair company will need to examine the extent of the rust to determine if the machine can be repaired. If the drum or basket is rusted, the washing machine will likely need to be replaced. Other small parts may be repaired or replaced to help remove the rust and allow you to use your washing machine once again. 

Is your washing machine rusty? Contact an appliance repair company today. They can take a look at your washing machine, determine where the rust is coming from and help you determine whether it can be repaired or whether your machine needs to be replaced. If you have further concerns about removing rust from your washer, A1  PROFESSIONAL APPLIANCE SERVICE AND REPAIR is happy to answer your questions.